35.8899214.5292Koordinaten: 35 ° 53 ' N, 14 ° 32' O

Kalkara (or Il- Kalkara ) is a small city in Malta with a population of 2863 (as of 31 December 2010). The name is derived from the Maltese word for " kiln ", since such a furnace for burning lime since the Roman period existed here.

The Fort Ricasoli on the northern tip of the municipality forms the eastern part of the entrance to the Grand Harbour of Malta. In which you will find a part of the movie Troy was ( inter alia with Brad Pitt) turned 2003. The scenes are available for some of them.

Im also to the municipality belonging to the industrial area Ricasoli Industrial Estate Maltese television station Xandir Malta is located. There are also in the Rinella Battery a theme park on the there also resident Maltese Film Studios.

The main part of the commercial area was cleared in late 2006 completely; the local production companies (eg for cleaning agents, paints, chemicals and pharmaceuticals ) were distributed to commercial areas around the island of Malta. Instead, to be built in the next few years there Smart City, an industrial park for the most popular companies in the IT production (eg, Microsoft, Siemens, Apple, etc.).