Kalki (Sanskrit, m, कल्कि, Kalki -. In the literature as Kalkin or Kalaki handed ) is considered as the tenth and final incarnation of Vishnu. He is a future avatar that will appear according to the Bhagavata, Agni Purana, Visnu Purana and Padama Purana at the end of the present Kali Yuga, the son Vishnuyasas to kill the corrupt rulers and Mlecchas ( barbarians ) and the Dharma (Law and Virtue) restore. Then you want to start the next age, the Krita Yuga. After a South Indian, folk tradition Vishnu is but appear in the shape of the white horse Kalki, according to the literary tradition of the Brahmins as a tab with the name Kalki on the white horse Devadatta.

Some Indian authors such as Aurobindo Ghose see in the ten avatars symbolizing the stages of development of human consciousness, ie. Stage of the animal to the awakened mind in its highest perfection Kalki represents the future level of awareness for them. The Theosophist Benjamin Creme sees Kalki, the Hindu equivalent of the Buddhist Maitreya, the future Buddha, the Mahdi of Islam and the returning Jesus Christ.