Kalmar AIK FK

Kalmar Allmänna Idrottsklubb is a Swedish football club based in Kalmar. Over the more than one hundred year history the team played several times in the second Swedish league.


On November 22, 1903 was founded under the name Glad ungdom the first predecessor of the club Kalmar AIK. Two years later the club changed its name to IK Örnen. Another two years later with IK Falken second predecessor club. 1909, there was another name change, as IK Örnen was renamed in Kalmar Idrottsklubb. 1917 IK Falken and Kalmar Idrottsklubb combined to form the Kalmar Allmänna Idrottsklubb.

With the introduction of the league system in Sweden in the 1920s Kalmar AIK came in the third league. 1929 and 1930 respectively succeeded the relay victory in Division 3 Sydöstra. After the club had failed in the first year of BK Derby in the promotion round, succeeded the following year against Motala AIF first promotion to the second division. This proved to be the game level to be too high and, together with local rivals Kalmar FF, the club went straight off again. After the immediate resurgence followed along with IFK Karlshamn the renewed descent. Kalmar AIK established himself in the third division in the front area and managed in 1938 again the relay victory. Again, missed the team in the second division in the league, but was able to return immediately as a relay winners. In the second division season 1940/41, the club reached behind Halmstad BK and IS Halmia third place, but could not build on the success in the following season, finishing with IFK Kristianstad relegation zone. Until the rise again it took three years, again remained the club two years in the second division.

Kalmar AIK remained in the following years, first in the third division. 1953 plunged the team bringing up the rear of the Division 3 Södra with Ronneby BK and IFK Värnamo in the Viertklassigkeit from. After chances of promotion they missed behind Husqvarna IF and IK Waggeryds in third place one of the two places rise to the second league. Two years later, succeeded ultimately return to the second division, where the team could not hold on the season in 1957/58 itself. It was followed by the direct crash in the fourth league. As a result, the team was playing on the third and fourth level of play until they became established from the rise in late 1970 in the third division.

In 1978 Kalmar AIK win of the season in Division 3 Sydöstra Götaland. In the subsequent promotion round the team lost only against Grimsås IF and managed second ahead Råå IF and IFK Tidaholm promotion to the second division. After a tenth place in the first year after returning, missed the team as 13th in the following year in the league. 1982 managed to rise again and this time kept the team in the longer term on the second level of play. In 1991, she missed in the spring championship in the league and played in the following years again just mediocre. After relegation to the fourth division in 1999 and the chances of promotion Kalmar AIK missed again in the league and crashed into the episode until the Sechstklassigkeit from.