Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line

The Kaluschsko - Rischskaja Line (Russian Калужско - Рижская линия ), also known as " line 6" or " orange - colored line ", is one of the longest lines of the Moscow Metro.


  • Medvedkovo ( Медведково? / I )
  • Babushkinskaya ( Бабушкинская? / I )
  • Sviblovo ( Свиблово? / I )
  • Botanitscheski Sad ( Ботанический сад? / I )
  • VDNKh ( ВДНХ? / I )
  • Alexejewskaja ( Алексеевская? / I )
  • Rischskaja ( Рижская? / I )
  • Prospekt Mira ( Проспект Мира? / I ), to transfer to the same station on the circle line
  • Suharevskaya ( Сухаревская? / I )
  • Turgenevskaya ( Тургеневская? / I ), to transfer to the station Sretensky Bulvar line 10
  • Kitai -Gorod ( Китай - город? / I ), to transfer to the same station of Line 7
  • Tretyakovskaya ( Третьяковская? / I ), to transfer to the same station of Line 8 and the station Nowokusnezkaja line 2
  • Oktjabrskaja ( Октябрьская? / I ), to transfer to the same station on the circle line
  • Shabolovskaya ( Шаболовская? / I )
  • Leninsky Prospekt ( Ленинский проспект? / I )
  • Akademicheskaya ( Академическая? / I )
  • Profssojusnaja ( Профсоюзная? / I )
  • Novye Birdcherrylands ( Новые Черёмушки? / I )
  • Kaluzhskaya ( Калужская? / I )
  • Beljajewo ( Беляево? / I )
  • Konkovo ​​( Коньково? / I )
  • Tjoply Stan ( Тёплый Стан? / I )
  • Jassenewo ( Ясенево? / I )
  • Nowojassenewskaja ( Bitzewski Park ) ( Новоясеневская? / Парк i ( Битцевский? / I))

Depot and vehicles

The line has two depots, namely the existing since 1962 Kaluschskoje and since 1978 also the custodian Sviblovo. Both vaults lead only trains of type 81-717/714 of eight wagons. The increase to eight- car trains taken in 1987, the conversion of the fleet from the old series "E" on 81-717/714 was completed in 1995.


Origin of the line

The beginning of today's Kaluschsko - Rischskaja line formed the first part of its northern Außenastes; this section - 4,5 kilometers from Prospekt Mira to VDNKh (the latter is the transcription of the abbreviation that was formerly the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, near which the station is situated ) - was opened on 1 May 1958, and was given the name " Rischskaja - line ". Four years later, the southern branch went into operation, tentatively called " Kaluzhskaya - line "; it comprised 8.1 km and five stations of Oktjabrskaja to Novye Birdcherrylands, the station Shabolovskaya at that time indeed already planned, but - due to difficult geological conditions on the section between Oktjabrskaja and Leninsky Prospekt - has not yet been built. 1964, the southern branch was extended by 1.5 km and a station; it was in building of new depots Kaluschskoje the temporary above-ground station Kaluzhskaya, which was then used for several years for the exchange of passengers until they long in the year 1974, when a new underground station of the same name plus the station Beljajewo on a 3.6 km extension route originated, was closed. In the 1970s, the active expansion of the two branches, as well as the intended connection between them continued. On January 3, 1971, the extension of the Südastes to 3.9 km went north to the station Kitai Gorod (then Ploshchad Nogina ) in operation, coinciding with the start of the northern extension of line 7 to the same station at which - for the first time in the history of the Moscow metro - a platform same switch option between the two lines was provided. The final closure of the last to 3.2 -km-long gap between the northern and the southern branch was made at 31 December 1971; the Kaluzhskaya and Rischskaja lines " merged " to Kaluschsko - Rischskaja line. In subsequent years, the line was further expanded several times in both directions. First was 1974 already said extension to Beljajewo in operation; four years later, on 29 September 1978, which was 8.1 km long extension to the north was handed over to Medvedkovo their determination, and only on 5 November 1980, the already mentioned Shabolovskaya station was opened on the existing section. The last two extensions were made on 6 November 1987 ( 2,9 km from Beljajewo to Tjoply Stan) and on January 17, 1990 ( 3,6 km from Tjoply Stan to Bitzewski Park), which is now out of the expansion of the line and to the south was completed.

Renaming of stations

Of the following stations on the line were renamed in the period after its commissioning:

The fully coated on 1 June 2009 renaming of the station Bitzewski Park in Nowojassenewskaja was established by the line of the Moscow Metro with the fact that the old name for a future interchange station of Butowskaja line to be there connected to the Kaluschsko - Rischskaja - line, was reserved. For similar reasons, the station Delowoi Tsentr the Filjowskaja line was renamed at the same time; the renaming of Botanitscheski Sad Prospekt Mira in 1966 had at that time the reason that the name for the 1978 unrealized station, which received the name it was reserved.

Expansion plans

The line is now considered largely complete. In the early 1990s there were plans to build an extension to the north of the settlement Tschelobitjewo to the city Mytischtschi. However, as it related to the cost-sharing led to disagreements with the Government of Moscow Oblast, on whose territory the extension route would lie, the project was soon completely discarded. Another extension could be achieved through the establishment of an intermediate station on the line Tretyakovskaya - Oktjabrskaja that would have been lack of direct interchange with Line 9, but also from a realization of this plan can at best in a very long-term perspective of the question. On 14 December 2009, the construction of this station to have the name " Yakimanka ", included in the plan for the development of Moscow in 2025. Problems is now preparing a newly set up residential area, which has not yet been taken into account in the planning of the 1990s.