Kamari (Greek Καμάρι (n. sg. ) ) Is a seaside community of Thira on the Greek island of Santorini. That in the year 2011 1.648 inhabitants counting village located on the coast of the main island of Thira, close to the airport. Kamari is the largest resort on the island with about 10 to 15 meters wide and 1200 meters long Vulkan-Kiesel-/Sandstrand.

Kamari is for Santorinian standards, a very young town, which was founded after the earthquake of 1956 by the inhabitants of this devastated village of Mesa Gonia. The name Kamari goes on vault ( kamara, vault ' ) - Back from the Roman period - probably originally Digger atria. These are located near the ruins of Ancient Thira in Mesa Vouno rocks back at the southern tip of the village.

The town has numerous hotels, guest houses, shops, taverns, restaurants, a supermarket and a cinema. The beach is bordered by a bustling, traffic-free promenade. From the bus stop right at the beach you can reach the island 's capital, Fira. About the star-shaped bus from here then it is very easy to get in all the other places on the island.

The archaeological site of Ancient Thira is adjustable via the paved winding road by foot, by donkey or by car.

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