Kamenica nad Hronom

Kamenica nad Hronom ( until 1927 slovak " Kevežd nad Hronom " or " Hronská Kamenica "; Hungarian Garamkövesd ) is a municipality in western Slovakia, with 1372 inhabitants ( 31 December 2011). It belongs to Okres Nové Zámky kraj a circle of the parent Nitriansky. The population is predominantly Hungarian-, there is also a Slovak minority.


The municipality is located in Danube hilly country, a part of the Slovak Danube lowlands at the foot of Burda Mountains. It extends along the right bank of the river Hron, just before the confluence with the Danube, opposite the Hungarian city of Esztergom. These flows of Bajtava from the Bach Bajtavský creek in the Hron. In Burda Mountains, the reserve Kováčovské kopce - juh extends. Kamenica nad Hronom is five kilometers from Štúrovo.

Administratively divided the community in the municipality of Kamenica nad Hronom parts and Kováčov ( downstream to Chľaba ). At the site over the railway line Bratislava -Budapest leads.


The town was first mentioned in 1320 as Kuesd writing and belonged largely to the good of Graner chapter. During the Turkish rule in the 15th and 16th centuries the city fell slowly. The population was employed in agriculture and viticulture.

Until 1919, the village in County Hont the Kingdom of Hungary belonged to Czechoslovakia and came afterwards. 1938-45 he was on the basis of the First Vienna Award once again part of Hungary.