Kamishima (Jap.神 岛) is a Japanese island at the outlet of Ise Bay in the Philippine Sea.

Became famous for the island as a setting for the novel Shiosai of Yukio Mishima, which appeared under the title The surf also in German.


Kamishima is the Irago Street (伊 良 湖水 道, Irago - Suidō ) which forms the output of Ise Bay, 4 km south-west of Irago cape (伊 良 湖 岬, Irago - misaki ) of the Atsumi Peninsula and 12 km northeast of the opposite Shima Peninsula, 7 km to the east upstream to the latter peninsula island Toshi -jima.

The 1.3 km long and 1.0 km wide island has a circumference of 3.9 km and an area of 0.76 km ². The eastern part of the island forms the 170.7 m high Tomei -yama (灯 明 山).

The island belongs to the municipality of Toba on the Shima Peninsula, forming the district Kamishima -chō. The 462 inhabitants in 199 households (as of 2005 census ) settle mainly on the northwest foot of the Tomei -yama, while the primary and middle school is located at the southern foot.