Kamloops Chiefs

The Kamloops Chiefs were a Canadian ice hockey team from Kamloops, British Columbia. The team played since 1973-1977 in one of the three highest Canadian Junior Hockey League, the Western Hockey League ( WHL).


The Vancouver Nats were before the 1973/74 season from Vancouver, British Columbia, relocated and renamed Kamloops Chiefs. After the Chiefs had missed in their first season yet as the sixth of the West Division playoffs, they reached those in the other three years each. Her biggest success was achieved by the team from British Columbia, when she was defeated in the 1975/76 season in the Conference semi-finals the Saskatoon Blades in the best- of-seven series with 2:4. In the summer of 1977, the franchise was sold to and from Seattle, Washington, relocated and renamed Seattle Breakers, where it has since the game operation of the WHL will be there - now as Seattle Thunderbirds.

Former Players

The following players who were active for the Kamloops Chiefs, played in the course of her career in the National Hockey League:

  • Barry Beck
  • Dan Clark
  • Rob Flockhart
  • Jamie Gallimore
  • Brad Gassoff
  • Reg Kerr
  • Dwayne Lowdermilk
  • Terry McDonald
  • Barry Melrose
  • Glenn Merkosky

Team Records

Career Records