Kammel at Wettenhausen

The Kammel, in the upper reaches (up to Krumbach ) also Kammlach, is an approximately 57 km long left tributary of the Mindel. Thus, an indirect right tributary of the Danube in Bavaria, Germany. The river from the bridge of the county road MN 8 at Unterrieden (municipality Oberrieden ( Schwaben), Unterallgäu ) to its confluence with the Mindel at Offingen a second-order waters.


The names come from the Celtic, there is, Kamb, camb, crooked - Kammlach is thus the crooked water. Kammel means swamp, which is also suitable for the countless meanders.


The official Kammel source is located in the forest high ridge west of Erisried (municipality Stetten ) in the district of Lower Allgäu. Another, longer spring water comes from the vicinity of Sontheim, east of Einödhofs Ziegler.

After the confluence, it always goes to the north by the municipality Kammlach ( the river in the arms leads ) first in a few bends, then from Unterriedenin with many meanders, baffle slopes, Gleithängen, shore walls, gravel banks and meadows. Largely natural it flows to Krumbach ( whose coat of arms can also find them ); Krumbach Krumbach at the ends (usually called Krumbächle ) in the Kammel.

North of the mouth of the Krumbächles in the Kammel the Kammeltal is wider. Of Krumbach to Ettenbeuren (municipality Kammeltal ) the banks are still partially attached, but partially renatured again and again Kammel meanders (especially in Egenhofen, community Kammeltal ). From Ettenbeuren to its confluence with the Mindel south of Offingen the Kammel is channeled.


In addition to the in Krumbach opening into the Kammel Krumbächle there are two other slightly larger streams that flow into the Kammel - at the Naichen (municipality Neuburg an der Kammel ) which opens Haselbach and in Ettenbeuren (municipality Kammeltal ) which opens Krähenbach. For the other, even smaller tributaries of the Kammel that have a name: → see List of waters in the river system Mindel;


The following cities ( and attractions ) are Kammel (from source to mouth, hence from south to north ): in the district of Lower Allgäu region:

  • Community Kammlach: top and Unterkammlach;
  • Community Oberrieden: upper, middle and lower vineyards;
  • Market Pfaffenhausen: Because Bach;
  • Community Breitenbrunn Breitenbrunn and Loppenhausen;

In the district of Günzburg:

  • Community Aletshausen: Haupeltshofen and Aletshausen;
  • City Krumbach (Schwaben ) ( → see sights article about Krumbach ): Niederraunau, Krumbach ( Schwaben), Billenhausen and deer Rheinfelden;
  • Market Neuburg an der Kammel: Erisweiler, Halbertshofen, Neuburg an der Kammel ( castle, church, pilgrimage church of Maria Feldblume between Neuburg an der Kammel and Wattenweiler ) Langenhaslach and Naichen ( hammer mill Naichen );
  • Community Kammeltal: Keusch Lingen, Behlingen, Ried, Egenhofen, down tube, Ettenbeuren, green courtyards, Reifertsweiler, Wettenhausen ( monastery Wettenhausen ), Small Beuren and hammer Stetten;
  • Town of Burgau ( attractions → see article about Burgau ): Nußlachhof, Großanhausen, top and Unterknöringen;
  • Community Rettenbachferner: Remshart ( Silver Lake recreational area );

Pent Kammel in Krumbach ( Lower Mill) and Mühlkapelle

Former Lower Mill in Krumbach, today: House St. Michael

Parish Church of St. Michael in Krumbach - in the foreground the Kammel


  • Parallel to the river runs the regional, 71 km long Kammeltal bike path.
  • Because of Bach to Neuburg ( Kammel ) the Kammeltalbahn runs close to the river.
  • No other river in the district of Günzburg so many river kilometers were renatured as Kammel. Between Billenhausen (city Krumbach ( Schwaben) ) and small Beuren (municipality Kammeltal ) was added to the Kammel in the years 1986-1993 at a length of 19 km within the meaning of ecology and flood prevention to a more natural state. The result of the measures is that the water quality is improved and the flow dynamics was revived.