The Kamuku National Park is located in the northwest of Kaduna State in central Nigeria. It covers an area of 1,120 km ², and is mostly a flat piece of land. The eastern boundary of the National Park form the Birnin Gwari mountains.

The vegetation corresponds to the type of vegetation in the Western Sudan savannah, which also has elements of the Sahel acacia savannah in some places. The dominant tree species are Isoberlinia doka, Terminalia avicennioides and Detarium macrocarpum. Also, various types of Acacia spp., Lophira lanceolata, Parkia biglobosa, Prosopis africana and Isoberlinia tomentosa come the tree species Danellia oliveri, the Nauclea latifolia, before. The Elaeis guineensis thrives mainly on the flood plains in the gallery forests.

In larger mammals, the African elephant, roan antelope ( Hippotragus equinus ), the reedbuck ( Redunca redunca ), hartebeest ( Alcelaphus buselaphus ) and small groups of lions (Panthera leo) are found in the National Park.

The avifauna is also rich in species; to live within the boundaries of the National Park about 192 species of birds, such as the secretary ( Sagittarius serpentarius ), the bustard ( Neotis denhami ) and the Northern Ground Hornbill ( Bucorvus abyssinicus ).


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