Kandalakscha (Russian Кандалакша; Finnish Kantalahti; Karelian Kannanlakši ) is a port city in Russia, Murmansk Oblast, with 35 654 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


Kandalakscha located on the Kola peninsula, 277 km south of the regional capital Murmansk, on the northern end of the Kandalakscha Bay, a part of the White Sea. The nearest town is around 20 km away Poljarnyje Sori.


The place Kandalakscha was already known in the 11th century. In the 16th and 17th century there existed a Russian Orthodox monastery. Around 1590, the town was sacked and burned by the Swedes in 1855 it was destroyed during the Crimean War by the English.

Beginning of the 20th century it was a seaport Kandalakscha and a railway connection. So here began the industrialization: the beginning of the 1930s, the first hydroelectric power plant on the Kola Peninsula as well as a machine factory was built in Kandalakscha.

1938 Kandalakscha received city rights.


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Economy and Transport

Wood processing and mechanical engineering are important industries of the city, there is also aluminum and fish factories. Kandalakscha is located on the highway M18 and has a seaport and six hydroelectric power plants. It also has a railway station on the Murmansk railway from St. Petersburg to Murmansk.


In Kandalakscha there is a memorial for the victims of the Anglo-American intervention ( 1918-1920 ). In the nearby village Kowda is the Nikolai Church, built in 1705. Around the city there are the Kandalakschaer Sapowednik a great Birds Nature Reserve.


Kandalakscha is considered important winter and among other things, as a venue for competitions in tobogganing. For this reason, several well-known natural track luge originate from here, including for example:

  • Alexander Yegorov (* 1985)
  • Oksana Jelessina (* 1986)
  • Ivan Lazarev ( b. 1983 )
  • Yekaterina Lawrentjewa (* 1981)
  • Roman Molwistow (* 1981)
  • Pyotr Popov ( born 1985 )
  • Pawel Porschnew ( b. 1983 )
  • Julija Wetlowa ( b. 1983 )

Other sons and daughters of the city are:

  • Vladimir Varennikov ( b. 1955 ), general and politician, son of Valentin Varennikov