Kani (Gifu)

Kani (Japanese可 児 市, -shi) is a city in the Japanese prefecture of Gifu.


Kani got on 1 April 1982, the city law.


Kani is located east of Gifu and north of Nagoya. The river Kiso flows through the city from northeast to northwest.


  • Road Major road connections are through the National Road 21 to the Mizunami and Maibara, the National Road 41 to Nagoya and Toyama and the National Road 248 before.
  • Kani is served by the Taita - line by the JR Tajimi and Minokamo and by Hiromi Line to Meitetsu.

Adjacent Cities and Towns

Kani is surrounded by the municipalities of Tajimi, Minokamo, Toki, Yaozu, Mitake and Inuyama.