Kanin, West Pomeranian Voivodeship

Kanin ( German Kannin ) is a village in the Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship and is part of the rural community Postomino ( Pustamin ) in a circle Sławno ( Schlawe ).

Geographical location

Kanin is located in the northeast of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, 12 km (airline ) NNW of Sławno ( Schlawe ) and 10 kilometers south of the Baltic Sea coast. The province road 203 ( Koszalin ( Koszalin ) - Postomino ( Pustamin ) - Ustka ( Stolpmünde ) ) runs just north of the site. The landscape of Kanin is a rolling hilly plain, south of the river Wieprza runs ( Wipper ) in a wide arc around the village.

Neighboring communities of Kanin are: in the west Kowalewice (Alt ball joke) and Kowalewiczki ( New ball joke), in the north Wszedzień ( Scheddin ) and Masłowice ( Masselwitz ), to the east and south Stary Kraków ( Old Krakow).


In 1230 Kannin (also: Cannin ) called, as he is suited with some other villages of the Order of St. John. 1442 fall of the city to the ducal office Rügenwalde. Around 1780 are: 1 free Schulze, 8 farmers, 1 Landkossät, 1 school house, one blacksmith, one Büder and one shepherd huts at a total of 14 fireplaces.

Coming into the village: On March 7, 1945, the Red Army came from the direction Karzin ( Karsino today Polish). Ten days later, all the male inhabitants are transported first to Schönberg ( Bylica ), then Schlawe and Stolp after Graudenz, then vielle even further to Russia. The female population will be taken to Zollbrueck ( Korzybie ), but may return in May back home, most of them. From July 1945 to take Poland by the farms and houses owned, and on 13 November, finally, the expulsion of the German population began from the site.

By 1945 Kannin was with Old Krakow ( Stary Kraków) and Meitzow ( Mazow ) is a municipality in the district of Old Krakow district Schlawe i Pom. in the district of the Prussian province of Pomerania Pomerania. Even in a civil ceremony, the three communities were connected to Old Krakow. District court area was Schlawe.

Today Kannin is known as a district of Gmina Kanin Postomino in powiat Slawienski the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.


The inhabitants of Kannin to 1945 were predominantly Protestant. The village belonged to the parish of Old Krakow church circle Rügenwalde the ecclesiastical province of the Church of the Old Prussian Pomerania Union. Last German minister was Pastor Erich Kramer.

Since 1945, the population of rabbits is almost exclusively Catholic. But even today is one of the place to Stary Kraków, where a - now Catholic - parish was founded, which is incorporated in the deanery in the Diocese of Koszalin - Kolobrzeg Darłowo of the Catholic Church in Poland. The evangelical church members now belong to the parish of Koszalin ( Koszalin ) in the Diocese of Pomerania - Greater Poland the Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Poland.


In Kannin existed before 1945 an elementary school in the eight grade courses were taught by one teacher in one room. The average number of pupils was 30, the school building dated back to 1848.