Cannons at Liseberg ( Gothenburg, Sweden) is a steel roller coaster model from coaster manufacturer Intamin Accelerator, which was opened on 23 April 2005.


2002 was the only looping coaster in the park " The Hangover ," a Invertigo model of the manufacturer Vekoma, demolished. Liseberg contacted some roller coaster manufacturers with the aim to get presents various ideas for a new looping coaster. The Swiss manufacturer Intamin was awarded the contract. Lars -Erik Hedin, technical director of Liseberg, called " good experience with Balder, which is just as Intamin ," as one of the reasons for selecting the product.


After leaving the station, the 16 -passenger trains are propelled at a speed of 75 km / h on a 24 m high top hat. This is followed by an equal airtime hill and a 20 m high looping, which is the first inversion of the web. After a steeply sloping curve, the trains take you through a Heartline Roll into the final brakes.

Cannon has two trains each with four cars. In each car four persons ( two rows ) can take place. As restraint system come shoulder strap for use.