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The Kansai International Airport (关 西 国际 空港Japanese, Kansai Kuko kokusai, Eng. Kansai International Airport ) is a Japanese commercial airport in the Kinki region of Japan. It is located in the prefecture of Osaka, 5 kilometers off the coast on an artificial island in the sea. He uses the Kansai metropolitan area is the largest city Osaka especially with international flights. Its IATA airport code is KIX, ICAO airport code is RJBB.

The Kansai Airport was designed as a 24-hour airport with two runways, but remained the utilization due to the economic downturn after the bubble economy in the twelfth year of operation under the limit to profitability. The ambitious plan of a hub in East Asia in competition with Seoul, the so-called " Kanku " yet can hardly realize.

It was only in August 2007 ( no second terminal), the second portion of reclamation with a second runway was completed in slimmed-down form. As of 2006, the Kansai airport grows with the new airport, in addition to Kobe Osaka airport, another competitor for domestic traffic.

The curved terminal building along the airstrip was designed by Renzo Piano.


The building, designed by the architect Renzo Piano airport was opened on 4 September 1994. The airport island is 4 km long and 1200 m wide. Construction of the airport cost $ 15 billion. 75-fold volume of the Great Pyramid, it was filled with sand.

His first trial in the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 survived the Kansai airport with no problems.

The airport currently falls 4.8 cm per year into the sea. The decrease, however, should always be slower in the next few years and eventually stop. The designers have developed sophisticated correction systems to keep the runways and buildings still completely flat and level. The fuel connection pipes adapt to different heights on elastic.

With the mainland's airport is connected by a two-level bridge for train and car traffic.

Japan's first special budget airlines terminal has received 2012 Operating on 28 October. The new facility at Osaka Kansai International Airport is the basis for Peach, a joint venture between All Nippon Airways and various investors from Hong Kong. In the new terminal four million passengers can be handled in the year.

Basic Information

Passenger volume:

  • 2002 16.9 million
  • 2003 13.7 million
  • 2004 15.4 million
  • 2005 16.2 million
  • 2007 16.6 million


Transport links

Railway ( JR, Nankai )

  • Tennoji, Osaka: 30 minutes, 1,770 yen ( JR - Special Express); 45 minutes, 1,030 yen ( JR).
  • Kyoto: 75 minutes, 2,990 yen ( JR).
  • Namba, Osaka: 30 minutes, 1,390 yen ( Nankai - Special Express); 42 minutes, 890 yen ( Nankai ).


  • Umeda, Osaka: 55 minutes, 1,500 yen.
  • Kyoto: 100 minutes, 2,300 yen.
  • Kobe 65 minutes, 1,800 yen.
  • Nara: 85 minutes, 1,800 yen.
  • Itami airport: 70 minutes, 1,700 yen.