Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, just Cosmosphere, one of the largest aerospace museums in the world. There, among other things, the landing capsule of Apollo 13 mission, the reserve copy of the satellite Sputnik - 1, and a decommissioned SR -71 Blackbird be issued.


It was founded in 1962 as a planetarium Cosmosphere on an annual folk festival in Hutchinson ( Kansas). Four years later, pulled the Planetarium for lack of space on the campus of Hutchinson Community College. In 1976 it was decided to apply for the exhibition of objects of the Apollo mission, which was successful due to the large number of existing objects. In 1980, the Cosmosphere (now IMAX Dome) expanded the world for more exhibition space and the first Omnimax Dome. In the second phase of expansion in 1997, the museum was enlarged to an area of ​​9500 m². Since then, the second largest exhibition of American and Russian space objects located around the world in the Cosmosphere.

Known exhibits

  • A V1 and V2 rocket from World War II
  • The reserve copy of the satellite Sputnik -1
  • The Mercury capsule Liberty Bell 7
  • A Vostok spacecraft
  • The spacecraft Gemini 10
  • A Titan rocket from the Gemini space program (see picture)
  • The command module of the Apollo 13 mission crashed
  • The space suits by Jim Lovell and Svetlana Sawizkaja
  • A decommissioned SR -71 Blackbird ( strategic altitude reconnaissance )
  • A 22- pound chunk of moon rock
  • The largest meteorite found in the United States