Kantang District

Amphoe Kantang ( Thai: อำเภอ กันตัง ) is a district ( Amphoe ) of the province of Trang. Trang Province is located in the southern region of Thailand.


The county Kantang lies in the west of the province. In the district lies the mouth of Khlong Trang.

Neighbouring districts (from north clockwise): Amphoe Sikao, Mueang Trang and Amphoe Yan Ta Khao Trang province. In the southwest is the Andaman Sea.


Kantang was originally the capital of the province of Trang. The provincial government was located first in Khuan Thani, then from 1893-1916 directly on the coast in Kantang. Since there is regularly occurring floods, the capital was moved further inland to its present location. The city pillar ( Lak Mueang ) of Trang but is still located in Khuan Thani.


  • Has Yong Lin ( หาด ห ยง หลิน ) - small flat sandy beach, bordered by limestone cliffs
  • National Parks: Hat Chao Mai National Park ( อุทยาน นก น้ำ คลอง นำ ชาน ) - the 230.86 km ² park has been around since 1981 It consists of a portion of the shoreline of Kantang and numerous islands, such as. Ko Muk ( เกาะ มุก ) and Ko Kradan ( เกาะ กระดาน ). On the mainland near the park headquarters there is a source of about 70 ° C hot water.
  • Outside of the National Park, there are some interesting waterfalls, such as the Sai Rung Waterfall ( น้ำตก สายรุ้ง ), the Ka - Chong Waterfall ( น้ำตก กะ ช่อง ) and the Lam Plok Waterfall ( น้ำตก ลำ ปลอก ).

Impressions from Kantang Station

Entrance from the street

View of the platform

Detail of old objects


Amphoe Kantang is divided into 14 communes ( tambon), which in turn in 83 villages ( Muban ) are divided.

Kantang itself has a city - state ( thesaban Mueang ), it consists of the whole tambon Kantang.

There are also 13 " Tambon Administrative Organizations" ( TAO - administrative units ).