Kantishna River

The confluence of the Tanana and Kantishna

It rises north of the Alaska Range in Denali National Park from the confluence of Birch Creek and McKinley River flows northeastward and flows 52 km northwest of Nenana Tanana Valley State Forest in the Tanana River. The Kantishna River is part of the river system of the Yukon River.

About the correct name of the natives of Alaska for the river there has long been uncertainty. Lieutenant JS Herron 1899 registered the name " Toclat ", but the name similarity with a 1885 nominated by Lieutenant Henry Allen Tureman other river was deliberately. AH Brooks from the United States Geological Survey documented in 1902 the name " Toklat ". Lieutenant Gibbs charted in 1902 and DL Reaburn from USGS 1903, the mouth of the river, the HT Allen had named in 1885 by Lieutenant Thomas Buchanan Dugan. Gibbs registered the name " Cantishna " and Reaburn " Kantishna ". The latter notation became the official name of the river. " Toklat River" is now the name of a tributary of the Kantishna River.