Kapi (car)

Kapi was a Spanish automobile manufacturer.

Company History

The company car Móviles capital of Federico Saldaña Ramos from Barcelona began in 1950 with the production of automobiles. In 1959 the production was stopped. As for the number of vehicles manufactured to vary between 70 and 300

Rolling stock

Were produced several very small cars, some only as prototypes or in small amounts. Only two models achieved significant quantities. One model was the Kapiscooter, a tricycle, in which the individual wheel was forward. The engine was mounted in the rear and powered the rear right wheel. The engine came either from Montesa or Hispano Villiers and had 125 cc and 175 cc. 1955 appeared the model Jip with four wheels. It was similar to the Jeep. Here, too, drove a motor with either 125 cc or 175 cm ³ capacity at one of the two rear wheels.

A Kapiscooter can be visited in the car museum Collecció d' Automòbils de Salvador Claret in Sils and Jip in the Museo - Colección de Vehículos Historical Guadalest.