Karaiskakis Stadium

Olympiakos Piraeus

  • European Athletics Championships 1969
  • Summer Olympic Games 2004

The Karaiskakis Stadium (Greek Γήπεδο Γεώργιος Καραϊσκάκης ) is now a football stadium in Piraeus with a capacity of 33 296 seats. It is named after the Greek freedom fighter Georgios Karaiskakis, who was mortally wounded nearby.


1895, the stadium was built as a velodrome Neo Faliro for railway bicycle race in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, one donated by a railway company premises.

1920, it was first used as a football stadium.

1960 were held extensive renovation project. The stadium became a multi-purpose stadium, and there were athletics competitions are held.

1998 ended the contract for the use of the stadium by Olympiakos, and from the 1990s the option of a new building or a relocation was investigated.

In 2002, the plans of the new building were presented, which was supported by Olympiakos. The new agreement provides for use of the land until 2052. Sokratis Kokkalis, the then owner of the club also has the use of the stadium by Ethnikos Piraeus included in the new treaty, as it had once shared with Olympiakos used the terrain. Ethnikos has not made use of this option until today ( 2013). Owner of the site is the National Olympic Committee (NOC ) of Greece. The stadium was demolished in a record time of only 14 months and rebuilt, but its completion was not related to the Olympics.

Today, the pure football arena is home to the most successful Greek club Olympiakos Piraeus.


The stadium is located in the district of Neo Faliro Piraeus, near the port. Directly at the stadium, the trams and metro tick. The stations are located between the Karaiskakis Stadium and the adjacent Stadium of Peace and Friendship ( " SEF ").


On October 10, 1974 took place here the first public concert of composer Mikis Theodorakis and his musicians after the end of the military dictatorship in Greece ( 1967-1974 ) instead.

Otto Rehhagel used the stadium for games of the Greek national football team, until then, it was customary to let games take place in the Olympic Stadium.

In 2004 finished ( not primarily for the 2004 Summer Olympics ) newly constructed arena more matches in the Olympic Football Tournament took place, including the finals in the women's bronze medal ( Germany - Sweden 1-0) and for gold (USA - Brazil 2: 1 aet ).