Karam Gaber

Karam Gaber Ibrahim Mohammed (Arabic كرم محمد إبراهيم جابر, DMG Karam Muḥammad Ibrāhīm Ǧābir; born September 1, 1979 in Alexandria ) is an Egyptian wrestler. He won at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and a gold medal at the Olympic Games London 2012, a silver medal in Greco-Roman wrestling in a weight class | light heavyweight and middleweight.


Karam Gaber Ibrahim Mohammed grew up in a Ringer family in his hometown of Alexandria. Since father and his five older brothers were wrestlers. So it was only natural that he began wrestling at the age of 8 years in Nasr Youth Club. Finally Over the Nasr Club he came up with the increasing skill in the Olympic Club Alexandria. There he was discovered in 1995 by the Armenian coach Yehia Kazanian. Other important trainer in his next career were Ibrahim El Weshahi and the German Lothar Ruch. He focused fully on the Greco- Roman style, and started at a size of 1.91 meters, first welterweight, but grew over the middleweight in the light heavyweight inside. In 2012 he started again at middleweight.

The first launch of an international championship he graduated at the age of 18 years in May 1997 at the African Championships in Casablanca and won there, like the welterweight title in front of the Algerian Youcef Bouguerra. Two months späger he arrived at the Mediterranean Games in Bari behind the experienced Frenchman Yvon Riemer and Dimitrios Avramis from Greece to 3rd place. In August 1997, he won at the Junior World Championships in Turku in the weight class up to 76 kg behind Bardosi Sandor from Hungary and Poland Artur Michalkiewicz from a bronze medal. A bronze medal he won at the Junior World Cup in 1998 in Cairo in the weight category to 83 kg.

From 1997, Karam Gaber Ibrahim Mohammed also triumphed in countless championships on the African continent ( Arab Games Arab Championships African Championships and All- African Games ).

In 2000 he attempted to qualify for participation in the Olympic Games in Sydney, giving him despite a good third place in the Qualifying Tournament in Alexandria behind Sergei Lischtwan, Belarus and Petru Sudureac from Romania did not succeed. In 2001 he won in Levallois / France light heavyweight in a World Cup tournament before the strong Russians Sergei Artjuchin. Hamza Yerlikaya, the successful Turkish wrestlers came at this tournament only on the 5th Place. He then took in 2001 in Patras / Greece for the first time at a World Cup finals, where they lost in the light heavyweight his first fight against Marek Svec of the Czech Republic and could then, because of the then in force peculiar regulations, with a victory over the world-class wrestler Mindaugas Erzerskis only fight for the 14th place from Lithuania.

2002 followed the first major international success in the career of Muhammad Karam Ibrahim Gaber. He was in Moscow in the light heavyweight division with wins over Jimmy Lidberg, Sweden, Marek Sitnik, Poland, Marek Svec and Ali Mollow, Bulgaria, with a defeat in the final battle against Mehmet Ozal of Turkey, Vice World Champion. One month after this World Cup he won in a World Cup tournament in Cairo before Hamza Yerlikaya. After that he went for a few months in the United States, where his elder brother had emigrated. He also wondered if he will be left in the United States, but eventually returned yet again back to Egypt.

In October 2003, he was again in Creteil vice world champion in the light heavyweight division. On the way to this success, he defeated Ali Mollow, Kemo Kato from Japan, Mehmet Ozal, he handling services 8-0 points, Alexander Besruchkin, Russia and Rama Nosadse from Georgia and only lost in the final against Martin Lidberg of Sweden.

In August 2004, Karam Gaber Ibrahim Mohammed appeared at the Olympic Games in Athens, then at his best at. He defeated there Marek Sitnik, Georgios Koutsioubas, Greece, asset Mambetow, Kazakhstan, Mehmet Özal ( 11:0 ) and Rama Nosadse (12:1 ) and was superior in style Olympic champion.

Between 2004 and 2008 he took part in only one World Cup. He lost it in 2006 in Guangzhou / China already in his first fight against Hamza Yerlikaya and therefore wound up a 19th place. 2008, but he managed to qualify in Novi Sad by a tournament victory before Theodoros Tounousidis from Greece again for participating in the Olympic Games. At the Beijing Games, he started back at light heavyweight, but also lost his first fight there against Elis Guri of Albania ( 1:2 rounds, 5:6 points), so he resigned and finished only 13th place.

In the years 2009 and 2010, he paused and devoted himself as an independent businessman his business. But in December 2011 he again took part in an international championship and won it at the Arab Games in Doha at middleweight before Messaoud Zeghdane from Algeria. In 2012, he battled through a tournament victory in Marra Kasch eligibility at the Olympics this year in London. He started here at middleweight. In London, he triumphed over Nenad Zugaj from Croatia, Melonin Noumonvi from France and Amer Hrustanovic from Austria and was thus in the final battle the Russians Alan Chugajew opposite, against whom he defeated 0-2 rounds and 0:3 points, won the silver medal.

International success


  • All competitions in the Greco-Roman style
  • OS = The Olympic Games, WM = World Cup
  • Welterweight until 2001-76 kg middleweight, to 2001 kg and 85 kg, between 2002 and 84 kg, light heavyweight until 2001-97 kg since 2002-96 kg body weight


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