Karawanks Tunnel (motorway)

The Karawankentunnel ( Slow: Predor Karavanke ) was built between 1986 and 1991 and connects the Austrian Karawanken motorway A11 to the motorway network in Slovenia in Ljubljana direction between Jesenice and Rosenbach, a district of Sankt Jakob im Rosental. It extends through the eponymous Karawanken (Slovenian Karavanke ), a mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps.

The production, maintenance and financing of about 9.8 kilometer Karavanken highway tunnel route was decided on June 29, 1978, Federal Law Gazette No. 442 and with the adoption of the then Federal Ministry of Construction and Technology on 24 January 1979, including the planning of the Tauern Autobahn AG transferred.

The Karawankentunnel North was built from April 1987 to October 1991. The commissioning of the Karawanken motorway was initially with one lane in June 1991, with completion in June 1992. The 10 -day war in Slovenia in June 1991, the tunnel was briefly occupied by units of the Yugoslav People's Army, on June 30, but again by Slovenian occupied units.

The client was the Tauern motorway AG, starting in the year 1993, the Austrian motorways and expressways AG as its legal successor. With the construction supervision was entrusted to the Province of Carinthia ( the Carinthian provincial government ) according to the Convention of 15 December 1987. Until the opening of the tunnel Slovenia was accessible from the north-west only on mountain roads or the railway Karawankentunnel.

The driving time from Villach to Ljubljana has been reduced by over an hour long tunnel since the opening of 7864 meters ( 8019 feet ). As before, the tunnel is single tube, so that the tunnel is oncoming traffic and a permanent speed limit applies. However, a study was commissioned to whether the construction of a second tube seems useful .. Both Slovenia and Austria also favor the construction of a second tube. On 10 May 2012, the construction of a second tunnel was announced by the year 2019. The existing tunnel is then converted to escape.

The Austrian Grenzpolizeiinspektion was in front of the Schengen enlargement in Rosenbach.


For the tunnel a toll is payable. The amount for the car toll is 7.00 € (2014).

Because of the special toll route of Karawankentunnel without Austrian vignette is passable. Until the exit Hrušica the route is passable loud Asfinag without Slovenian vignette.


In the tunnel can be received on both 90.4 MHz Hit Radio Ö3 ( Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ) and at 98.9 MHz, the Slovenian VAL 202 (of Radio Televizija Slovenija ).

Thermo portal and video system

In May 2012, went on the Austrian side a bit before the actual tunnel portal in a thermos portal called gallery a thermal scanner in operation, the detected hot brakes on trucks and the vehicles involved prevents by traffic lights on entering the tunnel to avoid possible fire origin. In the first year about 300 trucks and buses were therefore stopped. The thermal portal with technology from SICK is - was - without order from built with the 9 May 2012, the only plant in Europe and statutory ASFINAG to promote safety. A jury on the subject of transport of dangerous goods, the Investment awarded the German Innovation Award.

In September 2013, the Slovenian motorway company DARS testing the newly installed video system, the ascending smoke or traffic congestion early detection and raise the alarm should.