Karel Gut

Karel Gut ( born September 16, 1927 in Uhříněves; † January 6, 2014 in Prague ) was a Czechoslovak ice hockey player and coach. As a coach, he was twice German champion with the EV Landshut.

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As a player

Karel Gut began with the sport of ice hockey in the LTC Uhříněves and played in his youth football. During his military service he played for the Army Sports Club ATK Prague. Subsequently, he was active in Tatra Smíchov, he, he moved to Spartak Praha Sokolovo 1953. With Spartak he won the state championship as a defender in 1954. In his 300 league games until 1964, he met 86 times. From 1952 to 1960 he played all World Championships and Olympics for Czechoslovakia. Three bronze medals at the World Championships was his yield, while in 1952 and 1960 respectively fourth and 1956 was fifth at the Olympic Games. He scored 35 goals in 114 internationals.

As a coach and official

After he had finished his active career as a player, he became a coach at Sparta Prague CKD. In 1967 he was coach of the German Bundesliga EV Landshut. The Lower Bavaria were good for three years and committed in the last of those three seasons, he led the Landshut 1970 title. It was followed by three years as coach of the Czechoslovakian national junior team before he oversaw the Czechoslovak national team from 1973 to 1980. During this time Czechoslovakia won two World Championships ( 1976, 1977 ) and won an Olympic silver medal and four World Championship silver. Karel Gut returned again in 1980 for three years for EV Landshut and - like his first time - again it was the last year in which he could win the league title in 1983 to Landshut. After a few years in the Czech Trainerrat 1988 he returned once more to the EV Landshut back, first as a coach and then as technical director.

Between 1994 and 2004, was President of the Czech Karel Gut Ice Hockey Federation. In 1998 he was admitted as a member of the IIHF Hall of Fame.

Awards and achievements

As a player

As a coach