Karen Damen

Karen Damen ( born October 28, 1974 in Wilrijk, Belgium, actually: Karen Franciska Maria Louisa ladies) is a Flemish singer, actress and presenter, participating in the Belgian band K3. She embodied in "Het Huis Anubis " the PE teacher Esther Verlinden.

Private life

Karen Damen is with Antony Van der Wee, the drummer of the band The Ditch, dating. The couple has a son named Sky since 2010.



Ladies is the redhead from K3. It is the oldest member of the band, who, as Kristel Verbeke, been a member since 1998. Your bandmate Kathleen Aerts left the band in 2009 and launched a solo career, but returned now back to kids music. By casting show " K2 K3 zoekt " Ladies got a new bandmate, Josje Huisman. Your career at K3 she started with the song " Heyah Mama". There are of her in Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam, Netherlands a wax figure. She turned with K3 quite a few movies and also made ​​some DVDs.


In 2007 she took with the Belgian DJ Regi Penxten the song " Hard" on which appeared on one of the albums of Regi. In the original version vonn House of Anubis, she starred in the first season, the sports teacher. Since 2012, she is on the jury of Belgium 's Got Talent


  • 2003: Doornroosje (as Karmella, a fairy godmother )
  • 2004: De 3 Biggetjes (as Knarri, one of the three little pigs )
  • 2005-2006: Taxi Taxi
  • 2007: De 3 Biggetjes (as Knarri, one of the three little pigs )



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  • Karen Women at the Internet Movie Database (English)
  • Pop singer
  • Belgian
  • Born in 1974
  • Woman
  • K3 ( band )