Karen Simensen

Karen Simensen, married. Klaeboe (born 26 August 1907 in Oslo, † July 13, 1996 ibid ) was a Norwegian figure skater, which was launched in a single run.

She won the bronze medal behind her compatriot Sonja Henie and the Austrian Herma Szabó and just ahead of Ellen Brockhöft at the World Championships in 1927 at home in Oslo. Three of the five judges were from Norway and this majority it was she who earned her bronze. It was her only appearance in the World Championships. Your only appearance in the Olympics they had in 1928 in St. Moritz, where she behind this and precious Randem was the victory of Sonja Henie Sixteenth and thus third-best Norwegian.

Later she was a trainer in Oslo Skøiteklub for several decades. She was also from 1950 to 1957 the first female chairman of the Committee of the Norwegian Skating Figure Skating Association.