Karenjy is an automobile manufacturer based in Antananarivo, Madagascar, which existed from 1985 until his retirement Mr. Karenjys in 1995 and was re-established in the spring of 2009. The manufacturer's vehicle production is located in Fianarantsoa. Per year, the company can produce up to 500 units.


First attention was the company in 1985 to the Mondial de l'Automobile with his two ATV's Karenjy Iraka and Karenjy Mazana which had been developed by the Institut d' Malagasy Malagasy innovation. European general importer of the vehicles was the Paris-based International Seesam. Both models had a body made ​​of fiberglass and are thus protected from rust. During the Iraka represented the front-wheel version, the Mazana was the all-wheel drive variant.

As motorization there was a four-cylinder gasoline engine when Iraka type Renault 847 ³ with a displacement of 1397 cm and a power of 64 hp. The maximum speed was 5500 revolutions per minute.

The Mazana other hand, had a four-cylinder diesel engine from Renault Type 852 ³ with a displacement of 2068 cm and an output of 66.5 hp. The maximum speed was 4500 revolutions per minute.

1989, the company drew attention to himself, as Pope John Paul II announced a visit to Madagascar and Karenjy for this visit was awarded the contract to rebuild a Iraka the Popemobile.

With the retirement of the company's founder in 1995, the production was stopped at the factory and the company ceased altogether to exist shortly thereafter.

In January 2009, the company under a new name, the Soatao SARL was founded at his old seat by former employees new with the financial support of local companies and foreign investors. Furthermore, now that the models Iraka and Mazana, also under a new name, produced as Karenjy Faoka. There is a new variant Camionette, which should be as a pick -up at trader of interest now. Local wear these also nicknamed Zebu. But come now modern engines from the Renault Clio used. A new vehicle from the manufacturer for the local market since the founding of the Karenjy now also manufactured under license from the Citroën Visa Visa, which has been around for more than twenty years made ​​nowhere more than new cars.

Technical specifications of the models Iraka and Mazana