Karin Beyer

Karin Beyer (center) in Leipzig ( 1962)

Karin Beyer, married Harz ( born July 30, 1941 in Halberstadt ) is a former German swimmer who competed for East Germany. She put on 20 July 1958 in Berlin the first world record of a GDR float on and improved this a little later. For this she was elected in 1958 to the first East German Sportswoman of the Year.

The only major international competition in which they took part, was the European Championship 1958 in Budapest, where she was in the GDR medley relay Fourth. In 1960, she failed to qualify for the Olympic Games excretion in Rome.

Karin Beyer launched for the SC Chemie Halle and Leipzig rotation for the SC and coached at Liesl merchant. After the end of her swimming career, she was a physical education teacher in Halle- Neustadt.

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