Kariya (Aichi)

Kariya (Japanese刈 谷 市, -shi) is a city in the Japanese prefecture of Aichi.

The train, the town is located approximately 30 miles from Japan's fourth-largest city Nagoya.


1533 built Mizuno Tadamasa († 1543), a castle, and the venue was up to the Meiji Restoration to the castle town.

1929 a very long wave transmitter was built with eight 250 -meter-high, insulated against ground steel truss masts. These poles were at the time of completion, the tallest structures in Japan. The radio station was used in the 2nd World War to command other disclosure for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. These towers were dismantled in 1997. A tower stump was preserved in a museum.

The city was named the independent city ( shi) on 1 April 1950.


In the city, there are companies that are with Toyota Motor Corporation in relationship, such as the Toyota Industries Corporation and Denso Corporation. The Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Toyoda jidoshoki, was the original company, or kaisha, the subsidiary Toyota Motor Corporation has established. Because the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works was so successful financially, decided the company management to invest a large part of the profit in the growing automotive business.


As a notable educational institution located in Kariya the Pedagogical State University Aichi ( Aichi University of Education ( AUE ) ), which is connected a secondary school. Both facilities are located in the district Igaya in the far north of the city area.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • On Kawara ( born 1933 ), Painter
  • Nobuyuki Satō (born 1972 ), long-distance runner


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