Karl-Heinrich von Groddeck

Karl -Heinrich Erich Moritz von GRODDECK ( born July 19, 1936 in Tutow, Pomerania, Prussia, † 14 December, 2011 garbage (Baden ) ) was a German rower, who as a representative of the Federal Republic of Germany in all three Olympic appearances of the total German the team won a medal. In addition to and after his athletic career, he worked as a journalist.


Karl- Heinrich von GRODDECK began his rowing career at the helm society Wiesbaden-Biebrich 1888. 1955 won Horst Arndt and GRODDECK together with coxswain Achim Wernet at the German Championships in two. 1956 could Arndt and GRODDECK defend the title with the helmsman Rainer Borkowsky. Also at the European Championships 1956 in Bled won the three Wiesbaden before the boats from Switzerland and Austria. At the Olympic Games in 1956 occupied the three second place behind the Americans Arthur Ayrault and Conn Findlay with coxswain Armin Seiffert. 1957 defended GRODDECK, Arndt and Borkowsky their national title and won well at the European Championships in Duisburg.

When Karl- Heinrich von GRODDECK professionally altered to Hamburg, he joined the Ratzeburg Rowing Club and trained with Karl Adam. After Karl Adam had been reading the more rare name Moritz on a transit form, called Karl- Heinrich von GRODDECK among his teammates only Moritz von GRODDECK. 1959 won GRODDECK with Ratzeburg aft his first national title in the eighth and was at the European Championships in Mâcon also instantly European champion in his new boat class ( occupation: Klaus Bittner, Karl -Heinz Hopp, Hans Lenk, Manfred Rulffs, Frank Schepke, power Schepke Walter Schroeder and Karl- Heinrich von GRODDECK with the helmsman Willi Padge ). Also in 1960 won GRODDECK with Ratzeburg eighth at the German Championships. In addition, the sweep rowers approached in a Scull: together with Manfred Rulffs won Karl- Heinrich von GRODDECK at the German Championships in the double sculls. At the Olympic Games in 1960 and Rulffs GRODDECK occurred but at the eighth. The aft Germany won in a time of less than six minutes with four seconds ahead of the Canadian boat. In the election for Team of the Year of Germany rollercoaster could defend the title won earlier in the year after the successful Olympic victory in 1960.

In 1961, Karl- Heinrich von GRODDECK approached only in sculling boats. He was German champion in the one and together with Klaus Bittner also in the double sculls. 1962 returned GRODDECK back in the eighth, he won from 1962 to 1964 with the Ratzeburg eighth at the German Championships. 1962 was held on the Rotsee in Lucerne first World Rowing Championships. As the only rowers from the Olympic champion from 1960 GRODDECK boat sat in the aft Ratzeburg, who won the world title in front of the boats from the Soviet Union and France. In the election for Team of the Year 1962 GRODDECK was the third time the successful team. 1963 won GRODDECK next to the German championship with the aft also the title with the coxless four in the occupation of Karl- Heinrich von GRODDECK, Klaus Behrens, Hans -Jürgen Wallbrecht and Klaus Aeffke. The four rowers were at the European Championships in Copenhagen only as members of the rowing eight and won the European title there. Also in 1964 won the German eighth at the European Championships, which this time was held in Amsterdam. At the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964 was subject to the aft of the boat from the United States. After the Olympics, Karl- Heinrich von GRODDECK ended his athletic career.

Karl- Heinrich von GRODDECK moved in 1958 from Wiesbaden to Hamburg for the Axel Springer publishing house, where he worked as a journalist in the sports section of the newspaper Bild many years. In this role, he was instrumental to describing the history of Germany rowing eight and furthering the glory of this boat in general, and the occupation of 1960 in particular. As one of the most famous German rower turned K. H. Moritz von GRODDECK 1980 Rowohlts Colorful List two lists of the best rowers. On the list of best 10 roller of all time he put the Germany of eight from 1960 to second place behind the New Zealand rollercoaster of 1972. During his list of the 10 best rowers of all time he put his Olympic Teams of 1956 Conn Findlay ranked 2nd behind Bob Pearce. After leaving the tabloid GRODDECK worked as a freelance journalist.

Achievements at a glance

Olympic games

World Championships

European Championships

German championship

  • One: 1961
  • Double sculls: 1960, 1961
  • Two with coxswain: 1955, 1956, 1957
  • Coxless four: 1963
  • Aft: 1959, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1964