Karl-Heinz Henrichs

Karl -Heinz Henrichs ( born July 1, 1942 in Schermbeck, † April 3, 2008 in Bocholt ) was a German racing cyclist.

Karl -Heinz Henrichs achieved his greatest success as a member of the gold - quartet coached by Gustav Kilian. In the Track World Championships 1963, the foursome was ( with Lothar Claesges, Karl Link and Ernst Strictly ) Vice - World Champion; the following year, Olympic champion in Tokyo.

In 1966, the German team was championship runner-up in 1967 occupied the four third place. At the Olympic Games 1968, the West German foursome won the silver medal; the German team ( with Henrichs, Udo Hempel, link, Jürgen Kissner and Rainer Podlesch ), which was located in the finals on gold course, was disqualified due to a controversial decision.