Karl Kaspar von Siebold

Carl Caspar Siebold, 1801 (4th November 1736 in Nideggen *, † April 3, 1807 in Würzburg) von Siebold was a professor of anatomy, surgery and obstetrics at the University of Würzburg. He is considered one of the founders of modern surgery.

Life and work

Siebold was the only son of Johann Christoph Siebold and his wife Esther, born Brünninghausen. Initially trained by his father as a surgeon, Siebold collected from 1757 first experiences as a medic in a French military hospital. From 1760 he studied medicine in Würzburg, where he passed his examination in 1763 with honors. After several stays in Paris, London and Leiden, he was body surgeon in 1766 the Prince-Bishop Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim.

After the acquisition of the doctorate he joined in 1769 to the professorship of anatomy, surgery and obstetrics at the University of Würzburg.

By appointment to the top surgeon at the Julius Hospital in 1776 came from Siebold in the position, theory, and practice to be able to connect. This was expressed particularly in the development of new surgical procedures and hygiene standards, which in 1805 led to the establishment of the first modern operating theater in the world, which was used until the year 1890.

Due to its merits as a surgeon in the war him in 1801 a hereditary title of nobility was conferred.

On his 275th birthday, a memorial plaque was attached to the remaining wall remainder of his birthplace. It was officially unveiled on November 4, 2011 by Mayor Göcke Margit Meyer.

Student of Siebold were, among others:

  • Franz Hessel Kaspar Bach (1759-1816)
  • Johann Friedrich Meckel (1781-1833)
  • Nicolaus Anton Friedreich (1761-1836)
  • Konrad Johann Martin Langenbeck (1776-1851)
  • Johann Peter Weidmann (1751-1819)

Marriage and issue

Since 1766 married to Veronica Stang ( 1744-1793 )


  • Georg Christoph von Siebold (June 30, 1767 to January 18, 1798 ), physiologist, father of Philipp Franz von Siebold, physician, naturalist and ethnologist (Japan)
  • (Johann Heinrich) Theodor Damian von Siebold (August 14, 1768 to December 6, 1828 ), physicians
  • Johann Barthel von Siebold ( February 3, 1774 until January 28, 1814), surgeon and anatomist
  • Adam Elias von Siebold (March 5, 1775 to July 12, 1828 ), physician, father of Carl von Siebold, physician, and zoologist.