Karl-Ludwig Elvers

Karl -Ludwig Gotthard Elvers ( born November 2, 1962 in Berlin ) is a German historian.

After school and high school in Berlin Karl -Ludwig Elvers studied Latin Studies and History at the Free University of Berlin. In 1988 he passed his state examination and was subsequently to 1992 Research Assistant at the Commission for Ancient History and Epigraphy. Then he moved to the Ruhr- University Bochum, where he has taught since 1994 as a teacher in the high school service. In 1993 the doctorate at the Free University of Berlin with a thesis on history in Cicero's speeches. Aspects of the late republican understanding of history.

His main research interest is in the intellectual history of the late Roman Republic. He teaches all aspects of ancient history, but with an emphasis on the political history of the Roman Empire. Among his duties at the university is taking care of the coin collection of the Institute. Especially in appearance Elvers resigned as department editor of the New Pauly for the area prosopography of the Roman Republic. Here he also wrote a large number of articles.