Karl Marx Peak


The Pik Karl Marx is a mountain in the high mountains of Pamir.

The mountain has a height of 6726 m and is one of the 300 highest mountains in the world. He is the highest peak in the Schachdara chain in the southeast of the Pamir Mountains.

It is named after the German philosopher and economist Karl Marx. Near the mountain there is the 6510 m high Pik Engels, named after Marx's friend and partner Friedrich Engels.

Was named the mountain in the Soviet period. Previously, he had been called by the first Russian explorers who visited the remote area in the late 19th century as spades Zarya Mirotworza to German about Pik of the Tsar - peacemaker, according to the contemporary name of honor of the Russian Tsar Alexander III. (1845-1894), had during his reign from 1881, the Russian Empire, in contrast to earlier eras performed no wars. The near Pik Pik Engels was therefore originally Imperatrizy Marii - Peak of the Empress Maria Feodorovna after Alexander's wife Mary, née Dagmar of Denmark ( 1847-1928 ).

First ascent

On September 6, 1946, seven members of a group achieved under the leadership of the Soviet mountaineer Yevgeny Belezki the top of the mountain. It was 13:30 clock, as they started on their multi-day tour from lying to the west of the mountain valley. The road led them across a glacier tongue, which they took the longest way to the top.