Karl Verner

Karl Adolf Verner ( born March 7, 1846 in Aarhus, † November 5, 1896 in Copenhagen) was a Danish linguist. He discovered in 1875 and published in 1877 was named after him Verner's law.

Verner's law is a fine example of the fruitfulness of the neogrammarian method. In fact, Verner was the Leipzig linguists closely linked, although he as a librarian at the University Library in Halle an der Saale worked after his studies in Copenhagen. From there, he often traveled to Leipzig to meet with the neogrammarians around August Leskien and Karl Brugmann. He took an active part in the linguistic discussions, but written out of the script with the exception of the first sound shift, no major works. Verner returned in 1882 returned to Copenhagen, where he worked as a lecturer of Slavic Studies. He died 50 years old.