Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Heyse

Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Heyse (* October 15, 1797 in Oldenburg, † November 25, 1855 in Berlin) was a German classical scholar and linguist.


Heyse attended high school in Oldenburg, where his father, Johann Christian August Heyse (1784-1829) taught at that time, from 1807 onwards then high school in Nordhausen, where his father now was the rector. From 1812 to 1815 he was a student at William of Türk's private educational institution in Vevey.

After a brief spell as a teacher of Wilhelm von Humboldt's youngest son, he studied philology in 1816 at Berlin's Friedrich- Wilhelms- University, among others, in August Boeckh. From 1819 to 1827 he lived as a private tutor in the family of bankers and State Council Abraham Mendelssohn Bartholdy, where he also acted as an educator whose son Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Besides, he continued to visit lectures at the University of Linguistics at Franz Bopp to philosophy of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

In 1827 Heyse habilitated at the University of Berlin, where he received in 1829 as an associate professor of Philosophy. He lectured on Greek and Latin literature, philosophy of language and general linguistics.

His most famous publications were continuations and processing of grammatical and lexicographical works of his father. His linguistic main work system of linguistics was not published until after his death.

His son Johann Paul Heyse (1830-1914) was an acclaimed writer, and received in 1910 the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Works (selection)


  • 5th edition of Johann Christian August Heyse's Theoretical and Practical German Grammar, entitled Comprehensive textbook of German (Hannover, 1838 Volume 1, Volume 2, 1849)
  • 10th edition of Johann Christian August Heyse's Theoretical and practical German grammar school (Hannover 1832)
  • Pocket dictionary of the German language: with regard to spelling, Ethnicity and Education, bending, and of the words, as on their sense kinship ( Magdeburg 1833-1849, 3 volumes), although prepared by the father, but essentially his work
  • System of speech sounds ( published in: Höfer 's Journal of the Science of Language )
  • Posthumously published System of linguistics (Berlin 1856), edited by Heymann stone valley

As editor

  • Terence: The Girl from Andros. Translated by F **** (ie the then 16 - year-old Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy ). Dümmler, Berlin 1826
  • Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand Solger: lectures on aesthetics. Brockhaus, Leipzig 1829