Karlberg Palace

Karlberg Castle is in Solna on Karlbergs channel. It is adjacent to the northwestern part of Stockholm Kungsholmen is located south of the post terminals Tomteboda and west of the district Vasastaden. The castle now houses the Military Academy Karlberg and its park use of the citizens of Stockholm and Solnas for jogging and walks.

In the 1620s Gustav II Adolf's half-brother was, Imperial admiral Carl Carlsson Gyllenhielm, owner of three villages in the parish Solnaer ( socks ). From this he made ​​a Freihofstraße with the name Karl Berg. 1634 a stone house was built, which formed the nucleus of the plant. After his death in 1650 it stood empty until Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie bought it nineteen years later.

De la Gardie built from the plant to the castle and changed most of the interior with the obtained up to the present glorious state. As De la Gardie was forced because of economic difficulties to leave Karlberg, it took over Johan Gabriel Stenbock, but the castle was 1688 in royal possession over.

The royal family lived especially in the summer time often Karlberg. The wife of Charles XI. , Queen Ulrika Eleonora the Elder. , Opened a children's home with associated weaving and her son Charles XII. grew up on the castle for the most part. After the great fire in 1697 at the castle Tre Kronor, the entire court moved to Karlberg. The castle was from then on royal pleasure palace until 1792, when Gustav III. in him the Royal Military Academy founded. From then on, were formed on Karlberg officers and the castle, making it the world 's oldest military academy.