Karlheinz Klotz

Karlheinz Klotz ( born March 10, 1950 in Neureut (Karlsruhe) ) is a retired German athlete, who in the relay of the Federal Republic won the bronze medal in the 4 x 100 - meter sprint at the 1972 Olympics in Munich ( 38.79 s, along with Jobst Hirscht, Gerhard usurers and Klaus Ehl, Karlheinz Klotz as the second runner ).

Karlheinz Klotz also launched at the European Championships in 1971. In the 100-meter run, he retired in the intermediate run out. In the 100 - meter relay race was lost when switching between him and Gerhard usurers the rod, and the season of the Federal Republic was eliminated.

Karlheinz Klotz belonged to the TUS Neureut. In his playing days, he was 1.87 m tall and weighed 77 kg.

  • Sprinter ( Germany )
  • German
  • Olympian ( Germany )
  • Born in 1950
  • Man