Karluk languages

The Uighur languages ​​or Southeast Turkish languages ​​are a branch of the Turkic languages ​​. Today they include the Westuighurische and Ostuighurische with a total of about 35 million native speakers. The tschagataische literary language is from the 15th century, based on Uighur basis - in addition, it has, however, much vocabulary from Persian absorbed - and can be regarded as the immediate forerunner of the modern Uighur languages.

Today's Uighur languages ​​and their dialects are:

  • Westuighurisch Uzbek and its dialects. The so-called Oghuz - Uzbek represents a transitional dialect into Turkmen represent a similar function in the Uzbek Kyptschak - Uzbek, which represents a transition into Kazakh.
  • Ostuighurisch Uighur and other " East Turkistan " dialects and many more in Kashgar, Yarkant, Hotan, Keriya, Qiemo County, Aksu, Kuqa, Turpan. (including members Äynu and Ili-Uighurisch/Taranchi fall )

Yugur and Salarisch today are indeed counted among the Southeast Turkish / Uighur languages, but are descendants of other geographical branches of the Turkic languages ​​. Yugur is probably a north-eastern ( Siberian ) Turkic Oghuz Salarisch comes from the branch.


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