Map of Karun

The Karun (also Ulai current; persian كارون ) is a river in south-western Iran. The Karun flows from the mountain Zard Kuh in the Zagros Mountains in Lorestan Arvand Rud up ( Shatt al Arab) and finally into the Persian Gulf. This 720 km long river is the longest and only navigable river in Iran.

Reservoirs on the Karun

  • Karun -3
  • Karun -4
  • Shahid Abbaspur Dam ( Karun -1)
  • Masjid -e- Soleiman Dam ( Karun -2)
  • Gotvand Dam


In the Gilgamesh epic the " Ulai power " is mentioned more often. In the early Sumerian Gilgamesh traditions of this river was probably as a transport of cedar to Uruk or to the other Mesopotamian sites of great importance. At that time, the lag " sacred cedar forest " not in Lebanon, but in the eastern mountain ranges of Mesopotamia.

The built of Roman work crews in the 3rd century AD, Band-e Kaisar, a combination of arch bridge and weir, should have been the first major bridge over the Karun.