Kashmir Ki Kali

Kashmir Ki Kali is a successful, romantic Hindi comedy film directed by Shakti Samanta in the year 1964.


Rajiv is the sole heir to a millionaire 's assets. His mother, Rani Maa do not like it, however, when he distributed the family fortune generous. Together with their manager Shyamlal they want to bring Rajiv under the hood. However, the is less than enthusiastic and flees to the mountains of Kashmir.

There, the family owns a bungalow where Rajiv enjoying his freedom and is attentive to the pretty flower seller Champa. Both can suffer well right away and soon the extent that they think about getting married, were it not for Champa's father Duni who wants to marry her to Mohan.

The situation worsens as Rajiv's Aufziehmutter Karuna lies on his deathbed, as she reveals a secret that Rajiv was withheld for a lifetime: Rani Maa is not be biological mother. Rajiv is the son of her brother Dinu, who had never cared about him. Therefore, Karuna, has raised him at Rani Maa, her employer. Rani Maa had your newborn baby girl at this time. One night Dinu kidnaps the girl, so that Rajiv is the sole heir over Rani Maas assets.

Rajiv is shocked about the history and Dinu wants to task. In their verbal confrontation he confesses not to be Champa's father. Champa was the biological daughter Rani Maas and the real heiress.

After the whole truth has come to light and the two have found their true parents, they can live happily together.


The lyrics to the music of OP Nayyar wrote SH Bihari.


The film's title is borrowed Mangeshkars Lata hit song Kashmir ki kali hoon main from the film Junglee ( 1961).

Sharmila Tagore had with Kashmir Ki Kali her debut in Hindi film.


Kapoor has increased slightly and his body movements are less elegant than in his black and white movies of Nasir Hussain, but the influence of rock music, exotic places of action and the emphasis on the youth culture of the upper class act away from his previous films.