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The Region of Kassel is one of three administrative districts in the German state of Hesse. The seat of the Regional Council is in the North Hessian city of Kassel.

It lies in the north of the country and is in area with 8289 km ² the largest of the three Hessian government districts ( Darmstadt 7445 km ², casting 5381 km ²). The number of inhabitants of the Region of Kassel ranks with 1.22 million residents behind Darmstadt (3.81 million inhabitants) in second place just ahead of casting ( 1.04 million inhabitants).


The history of the district of Kassel goes back to the year 1866. At that time, the electorate of Hesse was annexed by Prussia as a result of the German war and united with the Duchy of Nassau also annexed to the province of Hesse -Nassau. Within this province the former Electorate of Hesse formed the Region of Kassel. 1929, the Free State of Waldeck -resolution has been assigned to him (former Principality of Waldeck ).

When converting the province of Hesse -Nassau in 1944 in the provinces of Electoral Hesse and Nassau, the circles Gelnhausen, Hanau and Schlüchtern and the independent city of Hanau were transferred to the district Wiesbaden. The district of Schmalkalden was released to the province of Saxony.

The Region of Kassel was built in 1945 upon formation of the federal state of Hesse as one of three administrative districts (next to Darmstadt and Wiesbaden). It included the cities of Fulda, Kassel and Marburg an der Lahn and the districts Eschwege, Frankenberg, Fritzlar -Homberg, Fulda, Hersfeld, Hofgeismar, Hünfeld, Kassel, Marburg, Melsungen, Rotenburg an der Fulda, Wolf Hagen, Waldeck, Witzenhausen and goats grove.

In the municipal reform in Hesse, which was completed essentially 1972-1979, the counties were merged into larger administrative units, as well as the cities of Marburg and Fulda integrated into the surrounding counties.

With the formation of the new government district of Gießen in 1981 it was from the county now newly formed Marburg -Biedenkopf to the new Region of Giessen. Since then, the Kassel area includes the independent city of Kassel and the six counties of Kassel, Werra- Meissner, Waldeck- Frankenberg, Schwalm- Eder, Hersfeld -Rotenburg Fulda and with the special city of Fulda.

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Historical Sources

The written sources on the history of the provincial government of Kassel, its administration and Amtsbezirks preserved today mainly on the Hessian State Archive Marburg.