Kate Mosse

Kate Mosse (* October 20, 1961 in Chichester, West Sussex ) is a British writer and television presenter. It is not to be confused with the British model Kate Moss.


Kate Mosse presents a regular Büchersendung for the cultural channel of the BBC. In 1996 she was one of the founders of the Orange Prize for Fiction, is awarded annually since then with the authors. She also writes short stories, newspaper articles and non-fiction.

1996 Kate Mosse published her first novel, Eskimo Kissing, about a young, adopted woman in search of their origin. Followed in 1998 by the time travel thriller Crucifix Lane. In 2005, she landed an international success with labyrinth ( Eng.: The Lost Labyrinth ), a gambling in the Middle Ages and in the presence of archaeological detective story. In 2012 she was involved as a screenwriter on the film adaptation of The Lost Labyrinth.

Kate Mosse lives with her husband and two children in West Sussex and Carcassonne.


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