Kate (text editor)

Kate ( KDE Advanced Text Editor acronym for ) is a free text editor for KDE.

Kate is suitable mainly for programmers and system administrators, but also for more experienced users. In the program syntax highlighting and code folding for a total of more than 200 languages ​​are integrated, such as C or C and for markup languages ​​such as HTML or XML. It is possible to open many files simultaneously as well as to create projects and manage. In addition, Kate includes a built-in console, supports a variety of plugins and has a vi - input mode. Supported encodings are ASCII, ISO -8859 -1, UTF -8 and UTF-16.

Kate and Katepart

The editor component by Kate called Katepart is created as a KPart, making it possible to embed the editor in any other KDE application. Kate herself is thus an application to other useful features such as search and replace in multiple files or the ability to open multiple files at once, extends the editor component Katepart. The integrated development environment KDevelop and the Webentwicklungsprogramm Quanta Plus are two known applications that also use Katepart as editor component. Many other KDE applications use Katepart, such as the archiving program Ark for displaying previews for text files. KWrite also based on Katepart.