Katharina Rensch

Catherine Rensch ( born October 7, 1964 in Berlin, after marriage Katharina Schirmer) is a former German gymnast devices. Your home club was the TSC Berlin.

At the turn European Championship in Copenhagen in 1979 Rensch finished ninth in the all around and fourth place on the ground. Shortly thereafter, she won the bronze medal with the team of the German Democratic Republic (GDR ), together with Maxi Gnauck, Steffi Kräker, Regina grave Olle, Silvia Hindorff and Karola Sube at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 1979 in Fort Worth. At the Olympic Games in 1980, the East German team came to almost the same cast, only Birgit Sweet replaced the injured Regina grave Olle. The team again won bronze in the individual competition took Rensch alz second best gymnast of the GDR ninth place. As the Sixth qualification in horse jump they would also participate in the apparatus finals, but there were only two starters per team is allowed and both Maxi Gnauck and Steffi Kräker lay before Rensch. Catherine Rensch, 1980 DDR Champion had become on the ground and in the horse jump, fought in the next few years mostly with injuries. In 1983, she appeared again at the time of the GDR Championship, but failed to qualify for the World Cup squad is.

After she ended her career in 1984, she worked as a teacher levels. Later she became an assistant in the real estate office of her husband. In addition, she trains young people at the Berlin TSC.