Katharine Ross

Katharine Ross ( born January 29, 1940 in Hollywood) is an American actress and children's book author.


Ross became world famous in the 1960s, mainly by the female lead in The Graduate alongside Dustin Hoffman. This role earned her an Oscar nomination. She also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Young Actress. With colleagues such as Claude Jade and Joanna Shimkus they came in 1969 during the crisis in the studio contract cancellation of the Universal. Beginning of the 70s was a brief career low, which was finished in 1975 with The Stepford Wives. For her performance, she won the Saturn Award for Best Actress. Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress, she won in 1976 for her role in Voyage of the Damned.

Katharine Ross, who made ​​the headlines as a children 's book author in the U.S. by itself, is married to actor Sam Elliott since 1984. You have a daughter.


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