Katherine Anne Porter

Katherine Anne Porter ( born May 15, 1890 in Indian Creek, Texas; † 18 September 1980 in Silver Spring, Maryland; born Callie Russell Porter) was an American journalist and writer. In 1966 she was awarded for the anthology The Collected Stories of the Pulitzer Prize.


Porter was born the fourth of five children of Harrison Boone Porter married couple and Alice Jones Porter. Her mother, a teacher, died at the birth of her last child; her father was unable to care for the family. Porter spent her childhood with her grandmother, who died when she was twelve years old; the father gave the four children to various relatives. At the age of 16 years married Porter to escape the family regime, the alcohol- addicted son of a wealthy landowner, was repeatedly abused by him and divorced after five years. Porter lived as a freelance journalist and writer based in New York, Mexico, Boston, California, in Bermuda, and in Paris; she took his life extended trips. Her last years she spent in Texas.

In 1930 she debuted with stories mainly from rural North America and was an immediate literary fame. Published in 1962 The Ship of Fools, the novel, "in which a whole generation has been waiting for thirty years ," as the New York Times wrote. The book - the representation of a voyage from Vera Cruz ( Mexico) to Bremerhaven by Spanish workers, German returnees and tourists of different nationalities in 1931 - 1965 made ​​into a film directed by Stanley Kramer with Vivien Leigh and Heinz Rühmann in supporting roles and made them wealthy. 1966 Porter was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. Katherine Anne Porter, who had been married five times, died at the age of 90 in 1980 in Maryland, USA. Her ashes were interred in the cemetery of her hometown Indian Creek next to the grave of her mother.

2006 brought the U.S. Postal Service a stamp in her honor out. In the former home of the writer in Kyle, Texas, is the Katherine Anne Porter Museum.


Short Stories and Collections

  • Maria Conception, 1922
  • The Martyr, 1923
  • Virgin Violeta, 1924
  • Hey, 1927
  • Magic, 1928
  • Rope, 1928
  • Theft, 1929
  • The jilting of Granny Weatherall, 1930; Film: USA 1980 (TV)
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  • The Cracked Looking-Glass, 1932 (Eng. The cracked mirror narratives Stuttgart: .. Klett- Cotta, 1983)
  • Hacienda, 1934
  • The Downward Path to Wisdom, 1939
  • The Leaning Tower, 1941
  • The Leaning Tower and Other Stories, 1944 (Eng. The Leaning Tower of Bad Wörishofen. Kindler and Schier Meyer, 1953)
  • The Source, 1944
  • The Journey, 1944
  • The Witness, 1944
  • The Circus, 1944; Film: USA 1990 (TV)
  • The Last Leaf, 1944
  • A Day 's Work, 1944
  • The Grave, 1944
  • The Old Order, 1958
  • The Fig Tree, 1960; Film: USA 1987 ( TV)
  • Holiday, 1960
  • The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter, 1965
  • Pale Horse, Pale Rider (. Ger Pale Horse, Wan tab 3 novellas Stuttgart. Klett- Cotta, 1986)
  • The last leaf. 1953
  • The suffering of our mortality. Narratives. Leipzig: Reclam, 1977
  • The purple hat and other stories. Stuttgart: Klett - Cotta, 1986

Short Stories

  • Old Mortality, 1937
  • Noon Wine, 1937;
  • Pale Horse, Pale Rider, 1939 ( German Dark Munich song: Desch, 1950. );


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  • The Necessary Enemy, 1948
  • The Future is Now, 1950
  • The Days Before, 1952 (Eng. What was previously Frankfurt am Main. Suhrkamp, ​​1968)
  • The Never - Ending Wrong, 1977
  • The Charmed Life, 1942