Kathrin Haacker

Kathrin Haacker ( born April 3, 1967 in Wismar ) is a former rower from the German Democratic Republic. 1988 she succeeded in the aft of the Olympic victory, for which she was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in gold.

Kathrin Haacker the SC Dynamo Berlin was in the youth field still Skullerin, she won in 1985 at the Spartakiade in the quadruple sculls. In 1986, she moved to the belt boats and immediately became GDR champion in eighth. But the World Cup, they did not go to Nottingham as a rower in the stern, but as two without along with Martina Walther, the two won the bronze medal. In Copenhagen in 1987 sat Ute wild with her in two, the two rowed to second place behind the Romanians Rodica Arba and Olga Homeghi. 1988 both increased in the GDR aft, at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul won the controlled by Daniela Neunast eighth in the occupation Annegret Strauch, Judith Zeidler, Kathrin Haacker, Ute Wild, Anja Kluge, Ramona Balthasar, Beatrix Schroer and Ute rod before the boats from Romania and China.

1989 Haacker returned back to the two and won by Judith Zeidler at the World Championships in Bled. 1990 was named the SC Dynamo Berlin only Berlin SC. On the last show of the rowing team at the World Championships on Lake Barrington in Tasmania Haacker and Zeidler rowed together with Antje Frank and Jeannette Barth in a purely Berliner four without coxswain to third place. In 1991, Kathrin Haacker for the reunited Germany in the World Championships in Vienna in part. The foursome was composed Total German with the two Ostberlinerinnen Haacker and Zeidler rowed Cerstin Petermann from Dortmund and Gabriele flour from food; Together they won the bronze medal. Also won bronze Kathrin Haacker at the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992 and at the 1993 World Championships in Roudnice as a rower in the German roller. 1994 Kathrin Haacker was the end of her career in Indianapolis World Champion with the eighth.