Kathrin Klaas

Kathrin Klaas (born 6 February 1984 in Haiger ) is a German hammer thrower.


In 2003, she German A Youth champion and 2006 German junior champion. In 2005, she finished third at the German Championships and 2007 runner-up.

At the European Athletics Championships in Gothenburg in 2006 they finished sixth. On 19 May 2007 she improved her personal best in Hall at 73.45 m, but then failed in the World Championships in Osaka in qualifying. In 2008 she qualified for the Olympic Games in Beijing, however, different in the qualification with 67.54 m and was ranked 24th at the World Championships in Berlin in 2009 it was with a personal best of 74.23 m to the fifth attempt on the bronze medal but was then displaced by Martina still Hrašnová from third place.

She started strong in the 2010 season and improved her personal record at the end of the winter training camp in Pretoria to 74.53 m, mid-May in Hall landed her throwing device at 72.52 m, the hammer throw Meeting in Frankish -Crumbach let them 72.76 follow m. At the European Championships she came in 15th place

In 2012 she was at the European Championships as the best German Fourth. At the Olympic Games in London, it increased in a high class competition their personal best to 76.05 meters and finished at the end of fifth place.

Kathrin Klaas is 1,68 m tall and weighs 70 kg. In 2003, she moved from TV in 1885 Haiger for LG Eintracht Frankfurt to train with national coach Michael Deyhle. She studied at the Technical College for Administration Hesse in the Department of Police and is a member of the sports promotion group of the Hessian police.

2013 she joined the training group by Helge Zöllkau.