Katja Seizinger

Katja Seizinger (now Katja Weber) ( born May 10, 1972 in dates, North Rhine -Westphalia ) is a German former alpine skier. Your ski club was the SC half Lech in Ostallgaeu. It is one of the most successful alpine ski racers Skisportlerinnen and one of the most successful of all time. Overall Seizinger won 36 World Cup races. Twice she won the overall World Cup, it is triple Olympic champion, winning a world title. Seizinger was elected three times to the German Sportswoman of the Year ( 1994, 1996, 1998).


The skiing learned Katja Seizinger in the Odenwald on the cat's back, a mountain near their former place of residence Eberbach. She attended boarding school in Hohenschwangau. In 1986, she won the Trofeo Topolino. Three years later Seizinger participated for the first time at the World Cup and finished at the end of 44th rank in 1990, it reached second place in the Super -G. In 1991, she was at the World Championships in Saalbach- Hinterglemm, Austria, fifth in both the downhill and in the combination. In the same year she won her first World Cup race, the super -G in Santa Caterina, Italy.

At the Olympic Winter Games in Albertville in 1992 she won the bronze medal in the Super -G. They also won the downhill World Cup this year. In 1993 she won the gold medal in the Super -G at the World Championships in Morioka, Japan. In 1994 she was Olympic champion in the downhill at the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. She was also the first time named Athlete of the Year.

At the World Championships in 1996 in the Sierra Nevada, she won the silver medal in the downhill and was in the same season overall World Cup winner. Katja Seizinger was chosen again this year to the German Sportswoman of the Year. At the World Cup 1997 in Sestriere (Italy ) they were each second in the Super -G and in combination.

At the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, she won after 1994 again the downhill gold medal, defending the Olympic gold medal in an alpine speed discipline successfully, which was previously managed anybody yet (Alberto Tomba had 1988 and 1992, won the giant slalom ). She is also the first female alpine ski racer ever, could defend an Olympic title successfully. Your total third Olympic gold medal she won the next day in the combination. There was moreover an unprecedented German triple triumph: Martina Ertl finished second and Hilde Gerg third. Katja Seizinger won in Nagano also still the bronze medal in the giant slalom. It was also in this season overall World Cup champion, won the individual World Cup in downhill and super-G and was elected for the third time Athlete of the Year.

After a lengthy injury phase Katja Seizinger ended her career on 23 April 1999. Since 1 October 1999 Seizinger is married to Kai -Uwe Weber and has two children, a son (* 2007) and a daughter. Since her resignation works Seizinger, who studied business administration at the University of Hagen, earning her diploma in 2000, in her father's, Southwest steel operation. In addition Seizinger occurred shortly after the end of her skiing career in television broadcasts of major winter sporting events, such as the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, as an expert.


Olympic games

  • 1992 Albertville: 3 Super -G, downhill 4, 8 Giant Slalom
  • Lillehammer 1994: 1st exit
  • Nagano 1998: 1st exit, 1 combination, 3 Giant Slalom, Super -G 6

World Championships

  • Saalbach -Hinterglemm 1991: 5th exit, 5 combination
  • Morioka 1993: 1 Super -G, 4th exit 12 Giant Slalom
  • Sierra Nevada 1996: 2nd exit, 5 Giant Slalom, 5 combination
  • Sestriere 1997: 2 Super -G, 2 combination, 5 downhill, giant slalom 5

Junior World Championships

  • Aleyska 1989: 2 Super -G, Giant Slalom 3
  • Zinal 1990: 1 Super -G, 2nd exit, 2nd Giant Slalom, 2nd combination, 16th slalom

World Cup ratings

Katja Seizinger has twice won the World Cup (1996, 1998), plus nine more victories in discipline ratings.

  • Season 1990/91: 4 Super -G
  • Season 1991/92: 3rd overall, 1st exit, third Super -G
  • Season 1992/93: 2nd overall, 1st exit, first Super -G
  • Season 1993/94: 3rd overall, 1st exit, first Super -G
  • Season 1994/95: 2nd overall, 1st Super -G, 3rd exit,
  • 1995/ 96: 1st overall, 1st Super -G, 2nd exit, 2nd Giant Slalom
  • Season 1996/97: 2nd overall, 2nd Giant Slalom, Super-G, 2nd, 5th exit
  • Season 1997/ 98: 1st overall, 1st exit, first Super -G, 2 combination

World Cup wins

A total of 36 individual World Cup victories (16 runs, 16 Super -G, Giant Slalom 4 ). In addition, 21 times second and 19 times third parties.


Giant Slalom

Super -G

German Championships

Seizinger was three times German Champion:

  • 2x Super -G (1989 and 1996)
  • 1x Giant Slalom (1998)


  • German Sportswoman of the Year 1994, 1996 and 1998