Katlenburg -Lindau is a municipality in the district of Northeim, in Lower Saxony.

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Community structure

  • Lindau
  • Suterode
  • Wachenhausen

Neighboring communities

Wulften am Harz, Bilshausen, Krebeck, Lake Constance, Norten -Hardenberg, Northeim, Kalefeld, Osterode am Harz, Bovenden, Ebergötzen


The villages are mostly embedded in the valleys of the rivers Rhume, Oder and Söse between the landscapes of the Solling, resin and calibration field. The surrounding area is characterized by extensive forest areas and predominantly agricultural meadows and fields and is partly as a nature reserve Rhumeaue / Ellerniederung / Giller Heimer Bachtal under protection.


The church today Katlenburg -Lindau was formed on March 1, 1974 from the previously independent municipalities Katlenburg- Duhm, Lindau, Gillersheim, Berka, Elvershausen, Wachenhausen and Suterode.


Parish council

After the exit of the Council member Tschernich from the SPD to the 20 seats of the Council distributed since April 16, 2013 as follows:

  • SPD: 9 seats
  • CDU: 9 seats
  • FWG: 1 seat
  • Single Member Tschernich: 1 seat

The FWG and the individual member Tschernich form a group since 6 February 2014.


  • Since December 1, 2005 Uwe Ahrens (independent) is the first full-time Mayor municipality. In the election on 25 September 2005, he was at two rival candidates in the first ballot, 74.9 percent of the vote. The turnout was 62.33 percent.
  • In the direct election on September 22, 2013, he received 72.74 percent with a rival candidate and has been confirmed for a further eight years in office. The turnout was 76.61 percent.

Culture and sights


  • Katlenburg: The castle, which gave its name to the village of Katlenburg
  • Mushaus: Part of the former castle of Lindau
  • Mordmühle: Old mill has grown up a gruesome legend
  • Leisenberger Church (ruin ): A centuries -old ruins near Gillersheim
  • Tumuli near the Leisenberger Church
  • Recreation and nature reserve Thier houses ponds south of Gillersheim
  • Conservation area Husum Valley at Suterode


  • Holy Cross Church (Protestant, Lindau )
  • St. John's Church ( Lutheran, Katlenburg )
  • St. Martini (Protestant, Berka )
  • St. Peter and Paul (Catholic, Lindau )
  • St. Valentini (Protestant, Elvershausen )
  • Profaned the Sacred Heart (Catholic, Katlenburg ), 2009: earlier

Economy and infrastructure

Economically, some small and medium-sized enterprises have settled in the areas of trade, industry and services. In the district Katlenburg the Katlenburger winery has its headquarters keeping with the rural environment takes agriculture a high priority.

Public institutions

The Cultural facilities include in addition to some village community centers and festival halls, two libraries and four kindergartens and the recreational and educational facility Katlenburg.

Lindau is the seat of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research ( MPS), to June 2004 Max Planck Institute for Aeronomy ( MPAE ).


Schools in Katlenburg -Lindau:

  • Castle Hill School in Katlenburg ( primary school )
  • Rhumetalschule in Lindau ( high school )

Transport links

In the center of the municipality of the junction of highways 241 and 247 located in the district of Katlenburg a stop on the South Harz distance from Northeim to Herzberg am Harz lies.


  • August Beuermann (1867-1930), German politician ( DVP ), MdR, MP ( Prussia)
  • Helmut Fiebig (1956-2011), film critic, editor of Cinema (1996-2008)
  • Wilfried Gleitze ( born September 8, 1944 in Lindau), lawyer, first director of the German pension insurance Westphalia ( 1987-2009 ), Vice- President of the Federal Insurance Office ( 1981-1987 )
  • Georg Greve -Lindau (1876-1963), painter of Impressionism
  • Rolf Herrmann, former national handball goalkeeper
  • Frauke Heiligenstadt Member of Parliament (born 1966 ), Minister of Culture of Lower Saxony (SPD )
  • Michael Krieter ( born 1963 ), former national handball goalkeeper, Goalkeeping Legend at THW Kiel
  • Bernd Leinemann ( born December 11, 1963 in Northeim ), FIA Rallycross Vice European Champion 1994
  • Franz Mueller -Darß (1890-1976), forester and standards of the Waffen -SS on the staff of Heinrich Himmler
  • Weskott Martin ( b. 1951 ), any priest, founder of the Book bailout " books instead of passing trashing "


  • Heinz Marks, Elvershausen